RV Repair

RV owners know that preventative maintenance and regular service will help keep the life of your RV unit so you can enjoy that cross country or even local travel with friends and family. At Nationwide Haul Truck & Trailer Repair, we specialize in the maintenance and repairs on all Class A, Class B, Class C, Travel, Fifth wheel, Folding/Tent, and Sport Utility RV Trailers. With proper upkeep, these units are made to last longer than most on the road vehicles. Any and all RV Fabrications and repairs can be completed on site at our Pompano Beach, FL facility and if any fabrications are needed for interior work, here at Nationwide Haul Truck & Trailer Repair we can address that on site as well.

Preventative Maintenance/PM Service

We can service any and all makes of RV’s when it comes down to the standard upkeep of RVS, oil changes, filter changes, point inspections of brake systems, power steering, tires, and suspension. Our PM service on all RVs includes replacement of your oil filter, fuel filter, oil, fluids top off, air pressure check, and inspection on all critical safety components per on the road standards. If we determine your RV units needs additional service our highly educated and professional service team will itemize and prioritize repairs in order of importance and requirement.

Suspension/Front End

From broken drive shafts that need to be repaired or rebalanced, defective u joints/center support bearings, tire rod/stabilizer links, suspension shocks, and bushings any and all front end repairs can be conducted on site. Alignments which may be required after certain front end repairs can also be addressed onsite with our state of the art Hunter Alignment equipment.

Cooling System

Normal maintenance is requires on RV AC systems in order to maintain an operating unit. From the basics of evacuation and recharging your Free On to full on A/C Compressor, Evaporator, and/or Condenser replacements. Our staff is equipped with all the necessary A/C machines in order to effectively diagnosis and repair all AC breakdowns.

Brake Inspections

From complete brake inspections to brake jobs, we can complete any brake drum/pad, caliper, shoe, or hydraulic hose replacement on all makes and models of your RV. Recommend flushing of your system is preferred in order to increase the longevity of your parts.