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Who we are

Nationwide Haul Truck & Trailer Repair is a 3 bay heavy duty diesel repair shop located in Pompano Beach, Fl.

We are a professional and experienced shop with ASE certified technicians.

We specialize in Fleet Preventative Maintenance, keeping our clients equipment on the road to avoid costly breakdowns.

Our Technicians are Certified in:

• Manufacturer Training Programs
• ASE Brakes
• MACS Air Conditioning Certification
• Basic Sprinter Certification
• Blue Tec Certification
• Cascadia Expert Certificate
• Electronics System Certification
• Servicelink Diagnostics Certification
• Electronic Engine Interface Certification
• HVAC Certification
• Service Pro Certificate
• AGS Transmission Certification
• Power Steering Certificate
• Wheel Alignment Certificate
• DOT Certifications
• And More

Completion of training for engines:

• Detroit Diesel
• Cummins
• International
• Caterpillar
• Hino/Isuzu
• Volvo

Our Promise

We pride ourselves on being honest and delivering the highest quality of work for our clients. Nationwide Haul Truck & Trailer Repair provides the experienced team your business needs to keep you ROLLING.

We Offer Premium Plans For Fleets...

Nationwide Haul Truck & Trailer Repair.

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Our Fleet Maintenance Plan:

The PM Plus Management Program is our standard Fleet Package.What everyone doesn't know is that there are different degrees of maintenance.

Some fleet owners only want the oil changed. Other owners realize the importance of proper fleet maintenance & the financial repercussions of non-maintenance.

A PM Plus Management Program is designed to keep your fleet or single truck operating at peak performance.

Scheduled maintenance of vital fluids and care for the overall maintenance of each truck will add valuable miles to your fleet or single truck.

PM services administered at regular intervals will decrease the odds of major truck repairs, not to mention, peace of mind.

What's Included:

  1. PM Services:
    • PM Services and labor • Replace A/C Outside Filter at PM Services as needed
    • 1 Air Filter Replaced at First PM Service *
    • Oil Analysis at First PM Service
    • Oil change, Oil Filter, Fuel Filter and Chassis Lubrication
    • PM labor
    • Perform Alignment once within 12 month contract
    • Coolant Flush. Filter when applicable
    • Transmission service and filter kit once within 12 months contract, when applicable

  2. Annual Federal DOT Inspection:
    • Performed at First PM Service

  3. Fleet Management
    • Provides Notification when your vehicles are ready for Service
    • Provides Maintenance Recommendations


We were amazed by the service and rates at Nationwide Haul Truck & Trailer Repair! They have a very easy location to get to and I have had to come to the shop on a few different occasions from the I-95 as well as from the Turnpike. I can not say enough about the staff, the customer service really helped during a tough break down of my 2013 Freightliner. I stand by their work.

True Trucker Corporation

They make you feel right at home while the work is being done. With an assortment of different options to choose from Nationwide Haul Truck & Trailer Repair provides the method to get you back on the road. I even worked on buying a new reefer trailer through their dealership on locations.

Baron's Truck Company

They have the best team to work with and an on-site finance company that can help to get repairs financed if you are short on cash at the time. You literally can not find better rates and Steve really knows what he is doing.

TDS Inc.